Replacing the Rubber Support Under the Driver’s Seat

Ever since I have owned the TR6 the drivers seat has been “blown through” meaning the rubber support piece was broken, allowing your rear end to sink down below the seat frame –  it has been rather uncomfortable.  The door latch was stuck (fixed it awhile ago) so the driver side door wouldn’t open.  My guess is the previous owner stepped on the seat to get in and out, and blew out the bottom.   I ordered a replacement from the Roadster Factory 6 months ago, and just got around to putting it in yesterday.  Took me about 45 minutes.

1.  Removed the two bolts in the front of the seat frame, removed the seat.

2.  Removed the old rubber support, as well as a ton of padding the previous owner had stuffed under the seat.  So shredded, no tools needed.


3.  Installed all but the front two clips by hand or with a screwdriver


4.  I ended up installing the two clips on the front last.  I had to open them up using visegrips, installed them by stretching/guiding them into the hole in the seat with the screwdriver, then closed them back up with the visegrips.

5.  Here is the final result


It “sits” a lot better.  Still need to replace the foam at some point.  But I wish I had not put this off so long, it didn’t take long at all, and wasn’t hard to “stretch” it into place, no special tools really needed.

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