Replacing Loud Header/Exhaust System with Stock

Previous owner had put a performance header and exhaust system in the TR6.    At first I thought this was cool, and looked great with the dual chrome pipes coming out the back.


But I got tired of it being loud.  When I went under an overpass near my house, sounded like a jetliner!  Since I don’t race it, use it to take drives on back roads, and enjoy talking with my wife on those drives, I decided to have Jack McGahey at 42 Dyno Services replace it while doing the other work on the differential mounts.


I decided to replace it with stock stainless steel from Moss.


Also had the stock manifold blasted and ceramic painted with grey VHT paint at the same time.  A bit quieter now. Glad I decided to do it.  With a tune up, plenty of power still.  My understanding is that the stock exhaust manifold will give me better torque and performance at lower speeds anyway, and I don’t drive this fast (much  :-)).  The dyno showed a slight decrease, but I can’t tell the difference driving it.  Much more of a difference occurred after I had given it a tune up and tuned the carbs too, so hard to know what to attribute to what.

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