Modifying Big Box Store $7 Siding Removal Tool to Install Weatherstrip Clips

My side window weather-strip on the TR6 is in bad shape.  Got the replacements and clips from TRF, and discovered how hard it is to install those stupid little clips.  Somewhere someone pointed me at modifying a vinyl siding removal tool from Lowes.   I modified it with a Dremel tool cutoff wheel, so the ears on the clip will slide in. Here is the result, and it worked great!   The only extra trick is to put a little grease on it to hold the clip.

WP_000433 WP_000434

Here it is with the clip inserted below.


Looks like Lowes doesn’t sell these anymore, but has replaced it with a Kobalt knock off.    To use the tool, I marked where the clips should be inserted by putting some masking tape on the door next to the weatherstrip, marking it with a sharpie.  Then insert the weatherstrip, and then at each point marked with the sharpie, insert the tool/clip, align it, and pull the clip up onto the weatherstrip.

Works great!

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