Rear end work – Differential Mount, Trailing Arms, Shock Links

After buying the TR6 I learned that the Differential Mounts crack on these cars.  If they break, the differential can “spin” in the back of the car, making a total wreck of the car and perhaps me and anyone riding with me.  Goodparts sells a kit to reinforce this mount.

I had mine done – not with the Moss (read the Moss article for details on the steps involved) or TRF kit, but a custom job.  When they pulled off the differential, we discovered my right side mount was cracked.  The crack had not yet separated into a complete break, so looks like we got to it just before it became a  problem.


So we had it welded up, and reinforcement plates welded on both right and left sides.

Other work done:

– one trailing arm had the bump stop broken off – drilled out the hole and helicoiled it to replace the bump stop.

–  urethane trailing arm bush set.  Mine were a mess


– the 4 rubber plugs in each trailing arm were replaced. Aluminum does oxidize when water gets in there –  dumped a significant amount of white powder out of the arm that had the worst plugs. Moss had best price at four 7/8″ plugs for .75 each and four 1 1/8″ plugs.

– Also the right rear shock link was broken, replaced both at about 25$ each –  (TRF part numbers) 141464   rear shock link    (did both) and  TD812    hub to trailing arm stud  (did all 6)

– Installed Goodparts adjustable trailing arm set to solve a camber problem on the rear tires.

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