New Tires and Wheels, Mounted and Balanced/Aligned

Tires were old and past their expiration date, the rear tires wearing on the inside edges, car shakes a little around 60 mph. Rear camber is 0.4 degree negative right and 0.9 degree negative left.  Rear wheels are toed out 1/4 inch – really bad – and this is what is chewing off the inboard side of the rear tires.

Bought 4 new – Vredestein Quatrac 3 205/70R15 96T

I also bought 4 VTO retro black wheels 15×6, kept my spare as an old stock steel wheel.

I also added the Adjustable Trailing Arm Bracket Kit from Goodparts, bushings, etc. – did other work listed in another post.

Professionally aligned by TR specialist Kevin Andrews in Siler City

VTO Retro Black

Looks nice this way


Drives great!  Very, very responsive, tracks well, no more shaking around 60 mph.

Adding a few more pictures per a request

DSC_0272 (2) DSC_0276 (2)tr6.jpgWP_20150330_16_47_39_Pro WP_20140411_003

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