Lubricating the lower steering swivel per the manual – Oil in a grease gun

This saturday our Triumph Club is having a tech day.  For those who want to we will dyno our TRs, and a lift will be available to us.  So this week I am trying to get ready.  Bought a gallon of 90WT Stalube GL4 for the differential and gearbox, to change the oil in both.

I am reading through the Maintenance section of the Repair Operation Manual for my TR6.  It states in 10.00.16 (42) “Using a grease gun, CHARGED WITH A RECOMMENDED OIL, lubricate the lower steering swivel, via the grease nipple, until oil excudes  from the bearing.”  I’ve never heard of oil in a grease gun.  A little research, and help from the British Car Forum

I have two alternatives.

First – convert a grease gun to an oil gun

Second – get one from Mercury Marine that is all set up for oil already

My friends in the Triumph Club of the Carolinas pointed me to this Trunnion Oiler for $14.99!


The other problem – I can’t find the location of this lower steering swivel!   Forum again suggests to me the following:  “Well, the plug might be the same; but the Moss page is showing the plug in the steering rack, not the one in the vertical link.  You are (I think), looking for item 85 on this page:…eIndexID=32797”   I’ll ask the guys at the tech day, and come prepared

3 thoughts on “Lubricating the lower steering swivel per the manual – Oil in a grease gun

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, I’m struggling with some of the same challenges on my TR – and my garage floor!
    I’m considering the same wheels for my 6, can you prost some additional pictures?

    • Thanks Steve. Posted some more on the post on the wheels… what I had on my phone. If you want me to take some more let me know. If you click on the pictures, they are higher resolution and will “blow up” to a more viewable size. I’ve had them for a few years now, and am still happy.

      • Hi
        Thanks for the extra pics, I always liked those wheels, I think I will have to copy you. Just getting the engine back in but planning wheels and some suspension work over the winter.
        Thanks again
        Racine, WI

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